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Windows 10 Installation Guide

June 29, 2016

In this guide I will cover the installation of Microsoft Windows 10 Home from an installation image. The installation of 32-bit and 64-bit are the same as this guide. I will try to explain certain options and provide helpful hints along the way, so rather than just following the guide, you can understand the reasoning behind the decisions.

If there are any mistakes, please draw my attention to them and I will correct as needed. I have tried to make this as simple as possible, whilst covering the vast majority of scenarios users will come across whilst installing this operating system.

Step 1:
You can download the correct Windows 10 image for your computer using several methods. The recommended route is to use Microsoft’s Windows 10 Download Tool, by navigating to their webpage and following the instructions provided.

Alternatively, you can navigate to this Microsoft webpage and directly download the correct ISO for your computer.

Step 2:
Begin by selecting the correct edition for your computer, then click confirm. The webpage will then validate the request and reload, prompting for you to select the correct language.

Once validated a second time, the webpage will reload, providing you with the 32-bit and 64-bit download links, as below:
Windows 10_Installation_Guide00

Step 3:
Once you have finished downloading the relevant ISO image, burn it to a DVD using your preferred disc burning software.

Step 4:
Before you go any further, ensure all important data is backed up in case of data loss on your drives. This guide assumes you have media backups of your hard drives and you are safe to proceed.

Installing another operating system without first ensuring you have backups of your current files and operating system is a big risk. If you have no data to lose or you’ve backed up important data, you’re ready to proceed. YOU are responsible if you lose data.
It goes without saying, that OS Guides accept no liability or responsibility for any errors or damages made to your computer during, or after installing this operating system. It is up to the user to ensure proper backups are made of important documents and files.

Ensure you have a network cable connected, restart your computer, and boot from the DVD drive.